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Bro. Dan Carandang   /   Nov 22, 2015

To care for people is to demonstrate sincere acts of kindness that is not meant to manipulate anybody but to show God’s love in practical ways. In the same way, if we have really come to know the Lord and have fallen in love with Him, we should be interested in what He is interested in, our priorities should be aligned to His, and we should be passionate with what He is passionate about, and our hearts should break for what breaks His. One of the things that need to change when we come to know God is our identity and direction in life (how we see ourselves and the purpose for which we live our lives). God's priorities, passions, joy and mission should become His children’s priorities as well. Caring is more than just about a strategy to reach people. We will see from the Bible that God expects each and every one of us to love one another, and especially those who don’t know Him. We’ll also see that the way we treat others can tell us if our faith is real and where we’re really headed for our eternal destiny.

As we read the passage in Luke 10:25-29, the lawyer just like many people today think that they can enter heaven by doing good works and performing rituals, but the Bible is very clear that we will always fall short. Jesus was holding up a mirror to the man so he can see his sin and understand that he can never enter the Kingdom of God by doing works, since he can never do this perfectly. But instead of humbling himself before Jesus, he wanted to look righteous to the Lord and to those around him. So he tried to move the focus off himself by asking who his neighbor is.

To answer his question, Jesus told the story of the Good Samaritan and about 3 people who passed by the man who was badly hurt and in need of help (Luke 10:30-32). The first was a priest, one expected to love others but instead avoided the wounded man. The second man, a Levite, passed by the suffering traveler on the other side, so that he would not feel obligated to do anything to help him. These two represent people caught up in lifeless religion. They study the Bible, teach it but their lives don’t manifest the change it talks about. Then Jesus tells of a third person who was from Samaria. The Samaritans were despised by the Jews because of their mixed Jewish and Gentile ancestry. In fact, the Jews wouldn’t even allow the dust of Samaria to touch their feet.

In the passage we can observe 3 things about this Good Samaritan. He did not feel disgust toward the wounded man but showed compassion (Luke 10:33). He did not ignore the man, but demonstrated care and concern (Luke 10:33-34). He did not just leave money, but got involved. Obviously, it cost the Samaritan to demonstrate sacrificial care but it was something which he gave freely (Luke 10:35).

When we put our faith in the Lord Jesus and receive His gift of eternal life, God’s Spirit comes to live with us and gives us the supernatural ability to love others like God wants us to. This is not to earn our way to heaven, but as a result of being a citizen of heaven. This is the kind of life that sets Christianity apart from the world. We must understand that our love must be demonstrated with action (1 John 3:18). If you are truly following Jesus, you will demonstrate God’s love and care to care.

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