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GLC Programs and Curriculum

Thank you for your interest in our certificate programs.

Certificate Programs

  1. Certificate of Membership (Level 1)
  2. Certificate of Personal Discipleship (Level 2)
  3. Certificate of Group Discipleship (Level 3)
  4. Certificate of Leadership (Level 4)
  5. Certificate of Pastoral Leadership (Level 5)

Certificate of Membership (Level 1)

The Certificate of Membership program aims to establish new believers in the Christian faith. The seven (7) courses in this level are designed to build a strong biblical foundation in students by presenting the nature of salvation, sanctification and the disciplines of the Christian life. It intends to usher in new believers to the Body of Christ through water baptism and membership in CCF. In becoming a member, they commit themselves to take part in the ministry of the church through the small group.

Program Courses

  1. Biblical Foundation 1
  2. Biblical Foundation 2
  3. Baptism Class
  4. Membership Class
  5. The Holy Spirit
  6. Spiritual Disciplines
  7. Evangelism

Certificate of Personal Discipleship (Level 2)

The Certificate of Personal Discipleship program is designed to develop and build students as positive witnesses for Christ. The six (6) courses aim to focus on building Christ-like character among Dgroup members by equipping them with the right doctrine, right habits and right behavior.

Program Courses

  1. CCF DNA (Vision and Values)
  2. Family Life
  3. Personal Development
  4. Basic Doctrines
  5. Making Disciples 1
  6. Bible Survey

Certificate Of Group Discipleship (Level 3)

The Certificate of Group Discipleship program aims to develop and produce effective Dgroup leaders. The seven (7) courses are designed to sharpen ministry competence in students in the areas of interpreting and defending the Scriptures; starting and leading a small group; and overcoming and conquering spiritual strongholds.

Program Courses

  1. Leadership 1
  2. Making Disciples 2
  3. Spiritual Warfare
  4. Bible Apologetics 1
  5. Bible Study Methods 1
  6. Making Disciples 3
  7. Leadership 2

Certificate of Leadership (Level 4)

The Certificate of Leadership program is designed to develop and produce D12 leaders who can manage and multiply discipleship groups. It aims to further improve the qualifications and skills of Dgroup leaders who will disciple leaders of small groups. The six (6) courses in this level intend to develop lay leadership and competence in Bible communication in students.

Program Courses

  1. Spiritual Movement
  2. Bible Study Methods 2
  3. Effective Communication
  4. Leadership 3
  5. Christian Ethics
  6. Leadership 4

Level 2 Class Schedule:

  • CCF Alabang
    • Wednesday Classes:
      Starts July 11, 2012
      Ground Floor GLC Hall

Level 3 Class Schedule:

  • CCF Alabang
    • Thursday Classes:
      Starts July 12, 2012
      Ground Floor GLC Hall

Level 4 Class Schedule:

  • CCF Alabang
    • Saturday Classes:
      Starts July 14, 2012
      Ground Floor GLC Hall


Level 1: FREE

Levels 2, 3, 4: Php 2,500.00 for entire one-year certificate program
                      a. One-time Payment – Two Thousand Five Hundred Pesos (P2,500.00)
                      b. Installment – Five Hundred Pesos (P500.00) per course payment.
                      Must pay the non-refundable Down Payment fee of Five Hundred Pesos
                      (P500.00) deducted from the total amount of the Tuition Fee


For more details and application visit us at the GLC Office, Ground Floor, CCF Building or call us at 7723035 to 39 and look for Babette, Sharon or Jay or email us at

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